Juan TB33NX9 Now Near Chico, CA

Just got alerted that Juan TB33NX9 has been planted in ???A Puzzle Cache??? by a geocacher named rubberpaws. This is the Juan that traveled from Port Townsend, WA to Grass Valley California. Now it has traveled 58.7 miles NW for a total of 681.5 miles traveled.

Rubberpaws had this to say about Juan on Juan’s log: “picked this one up and later read it to a few geocaching friends, we all thought it was kinda of stupid, with a total predicable ending, was it suppose to be funny?”

This got me wondering whether how the perceived quality of these stories will affect how diligently geocachers move them along. I wonder if someone who loves one of the Found and Lost stories is more likely to pick it up and pass it along. Will liking the stories influence how much geocachers want to share them? I suppose what I’m considering here is a physical manifestation of word-of-mouth. That said, even though rubberpaws found the story lacking, she (I’m assuming, based on rubberpaw’s profile gallery) still kindly planted it for the next geocacher to discover.

This weekend I also got an email from Nazanne, the geocacher who moved Juan TB33NWZ from coastal Washington state to North Carolina. Here’s what Nazanne had to say:

I had a great time back in North Carolina. I had time to do some caching and it was really fun to explore some territory that is very different from here. I’m a little concerned that particular cache doesn’t get a lot of traffic so I hesitated before dropping it but I wanted to be sure I didn’t bring it back to WA. Hopefully it won’t sit there too long. I needed a container large enough to hold Juan and it seemed like I was finding mostly micros.

The funny thing was that the day I picked up Juan I had told myself I wasn’t going to pick up any TBs because I wasn’t sure how long it was going to be before I could place them. But I also was in a situation where I was going to have to be sitting and waiting and a story was just what I needed so I picked it up.

This is exactly what so excites me about this project. The idea that someone can stumble upon a story where they least expect it and spend a couple minutes reading it while sitting on a log. This makes me fantastically happy.


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