Geo-what? Found and who?

About Found and Lost

Found and Lost is a series of short stories written by Ryan Boudinot and distributed entirely via geocache. Each story features a character who finds something and loses something else. Whatever the character in one story loses is the thing the character in the next story finds. Each story is individually bound and designed to withstand the elements or a hippie’s backpack. Each story is family-friendly and short enough to read while sitting on a log in the middle of the woods. And each story is identified by a travel bug, which allows geocachers to see where and how far the stories travel on their mission to find readers around the world.

Learn more about geocaching.

About Ryan Boudinot

Ryan BoudinotRyan Boudinot is the author of the short story collection The Littlest Hitler and the novel Misconception. His work has appeared in The Best American Nonrequired Reading, McSweeney’s, Monkeybicycle, Hobart, and other journals and anthologies. He teaches creative writing at Goddard College and is a Writer in Residence at Richard Hugo House. He lives in Seattle.


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