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First story cached

I have placed the first Found and Lost story in a cache. It’s out in the world, eager to find its readers.

I’m at Fort Worden in Port Townsend, WA, where I teach creative writing at Goddard College’s low-residency MFA program. I’m staying in one of the houses on officer’s row and woke this morning at dawn, excited for a morning run in the fog. Fort Worden is a magical, strange place, a state park that’s a former military base overlooking Admiralty Inlet on Puget Sound. There’s a hill with decrepit old concrete bunkers and gun emplacements, a Dr. Seussian series of stairways and platforms and pits covered in moss and surrounded by trees. It’s a gorgeous ruin, a place built for warfare that was never used to kill anybody, now overgrown, otherworldly. The path that encircles the hill combined with the park grounds makes for a good 45-minute run (I’m sure many runners could do it in 30 or fewer minutes) and this morning I especially enjoyed the mist hanging in the boughs of doug firs.

Admiring Point Wilson near Wilson Admirer

As if to insult all this natural beauty, I ran plugged into my iPhone, listening to Metallica’s Garage Inc. and Mastodon’s Crack the Skye. As I crested the hill I pulled up the geocaching.com app and hit “Navigate to Neaby Caches.” While James Hetfield and co. crammed their cover of Queen’s “Stone Cold Crazy” into my skull, I watched the little pinpointy arrow thingy get closer to a cache called Wilson Admirer.
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